Rebuilding in Anata

I had the privilege of joining the Israeli Coalition Against House Demolitions in Anata to assist with the construction of a home for a family that was being displaced by the expansion of an IDF base nearby. Anata is actually located within East Jerusalem, but the wall now separates Anata from the rest of the city. I was struck by how close the site was to … Continue reading Rebuilding in Anata


I had the opportunity to spend a night in Ramallah. It was my first time in Area A. The West Bank is divided into three types of governance. Area A is controlled by the Palestinian Authority, Area C is controlled by the Israeli Defense Forces, and Area B is controlled by a mix between the two. Of course, functionally, all areas are occupied by the … Continue reading Ramallah

A Mini-Horse Eating Blueberries

Now back in New York City, here are some final favorite pictures from my summer. After spending June and July in Israel/Palestine (another post is forthcoming on that), I worked for the second summer at Youth Empowered Action, and activism summer camp for teens. This year, I facilitated at the camp’s first session at the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, a farm for animals rescued from farm factories. … Continue reading A Mini-Horse Eating Blueberries


I woke up this morning in Jaffa. A city unto itself that was conquered in 1948 by the Irgun and Haganah in Operation Biur Chametz. Thousands were displaced. Now it is a city that is still largely Palestinian, but being Judaized/gentrified. Also a tourist attraction, filled with beautiful buildings, art, antique stores, and great food. Continue reading Jaffa