I had the opportunity to spend a night in Ramallah. It was my first time in Area A. The West Bank is divided into three types of governance. Area A is controlled by the Palestinian Authority, Area C is controlled by the Israeli Defense Forces, and Area B is controlled by a mix between the two. Of course, functionally, all areas are occupied by the … Continue reading Ramallah

A Mini-Horse Eating Blueberries

Now back in New York City, here are some final favorite pictures from my summer. After spending June and July in Israel/Palestine (another post is forthcoming on that), I worked for the second summer at Youth Empowered Action, and activism summer camp for teens. This year, I facilitated at the camp’s first session at the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, a farm for animals rescued from farm factories. … Continue reading A Mini-Horse Eating Blueberries


I woke up this morning in Jaffa. A city unto itself that was conquered in 1948 by the Irgun and Haganah in Operation Biur Chametz. Thousands were displaced. Now it is a city that is still largely Palestinian, but being Judaized/gentrified. Also a tourist attraction, filled with beautiful buildings, art, antique stores, and great food. Continue reading Jaffa