Stories of Our Bodies

I co-wrote, directed, and produced a performance with 5 collaborators on the question: How can we make being a body a liberatory project?

Some of our inspirations…

“I materialize in my body the ghosts of my ancestors; my flesh inhabits other images. My body is forfeit to a past it has only partially enacted…the body is the flesh of memory.” -Katherine Young

“It is through the interplay of corporeality and abstraction that cultural knowledge gathers conviction and force.” -Deidre Sklar

Who are you?  Can we find common ground? Talk?  Love?  Create something together? What is there around us and between us that allows this? -Luce Irigaray

“Power is a machine in which everyone is caught, those who exercise power just as much as those over whom it is exercised.” -Michel Foucault



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