Photo-Play in Tel Aviv/Jaffa

I am enjoying my time here in Tel Aviv/Jaffa more than I even expected! This summer I am spending two months here as a Gallatin Global Fellow in Human Rights, working with a number organizations related to my Masters concentration in Arts and Peacebuilding.

I am organizing a film festival on the Nakba (“catastrophe” in Arabic; referring to the ongoing displacement of Palestinian people) and the Right of Return. I am writing a pitch for a new Heymann Brothers Films documentary on Dov Khenin, the only Jewish member of the Parliament who is on the Arab Joint List. And I am doing some filming for a project out of the Arab Hebrew Theatre in Jaffa.

One of my favorite activities though is walking through the city with my new Cannon Rebel T6i camera.

Enjoy the pictures!

The trees!


The streets

The fauna…guess which one is plastic.




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